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Name:The Resistance
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The fight for Earth is over. Visser One caught onto the Animorphs' last desperate attempt at freeing humanity, and now the Yeerks have an entire planet of slaves at their disposal. Though the Animorphs still fight, holding on to the small glimmer of hope that someday they'll regain freedom, there's little to keep them going. The Andalites aren't coming to help. The world as they knew it has ended, and they're completely on their own.

Thing is, the Yeerks aren't satisfied. One planet just doesn't do the Empire justice. So when the Yeerks discover a new Z-space technology that can travel to entirely different dimensions, the Animorphs can't sit by and do nothing. They know what it feels like to lose your home to parasites that only want to make you a slave in your own body. They know what it feels like to fight a war alone, to have a target painted on your back. And they're not going to let this stand without a fight.

For the first time in years, the Animorphs have something more to fight for. With the help of the Erek the Chee and the free Hork Bajir, they manage to steal a ship with the new technology. Using it, the Chee create a network meant to bridge the gap between dimensions, and launch it into Z-space with a warning...

The Yeerks are coming.

The Resistance is a panfandom RP based off the Animorphs series. Since this is not a jamjar, characters are free to stay on their homeworld, or travel to different dimensions entirely. Will they fight for freedom? Will they join the Yeerk Empire? Or will they do nothing but sit by with some popcorn to enjoy the show? They've received the message. What they do now is up to you...

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